How to sign up?

It's easy! Just follow these 3 steps below! You'll be done in less than 10 minutes.

1. Choose Your Plan and Sign Up for Xoom

Choose what plan you want to purchase and create an account with to make a payment. Contact us to get the receiver's information.

2. Wait for a phone call to meet our team.

Once payment is made, someone from our team will contact you to discuss how we can get started on working for you.

3. Begin to delegate tasks to our experienced assistants.

A service agreement will be sent to you before we start working. After you've discussed with us what you want us to accomplish, you can start to delegate tasks to us.
Weekly 20
  • 4 HRS/DAY
  • PAY ONLY $120/WEEK!

20 Hours

Weekly 40
  • 8 HRS/DAY
  • PAY ONLY $200/40 HRS/WEEK!

40 Hours


Administrative Support

  • Customer Service Support
  • Calendar or Schedule Monitoring
  • Basic Bookkeeping and Invoicing
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Data Entry
  • Writing

Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing

  • Ad Posting on Social Media Sites and Other Ad Sites
  • Social Media Accounts Monitoring 
  • Ad Monitoring
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation

Other Virtual Assistant Services

Website development, design and other specialist tasks or projects are billed in addition to the plans above. Please contact us for rate information as they may vary.

Phone Support

  • Customer Service 
  • Sales 
  • Retention
  • Billing
  • Complaints


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Q. Is my data safe with FNR Solutions?
A. It is super safe. We provide our customers a confidentiality agreement upon signing up. There is nothing we would do to ruin our reputation.
Q. How do I know my Virtual Assistant has received my email?
A. We respond to email messages in a matter of just seconds given that the email is sent within the business hours which is 9am - 6pm PST. If the email is sent outside business hours, we will respond within the first hour of the next shift.
Q. What happens to unused hours, do they roll over to the next month?
A. No. That is why we highly recommend that you choose the plan that perfectly fits your business needs.
Q. Can I share my membership with family or fiends?
A. No, we do not allow sharing of membership.
Q. Can people from outside US sign up?
A. Definitely. There is nothing more we would love than to grow our business globally.
Q. What is FNR Solutions refund policy?
A. We do not offer refunds. Customer needs to consume the hours they paid for.
Q. Do I get a designated Virtual Assistant?
A. No. We normally assign up to 3 Virtual Assistants per customer.
Q. How will I be in contact with my Virtual Assistant?
A. You can contact us through email, text, chat or, phone call.
Q. Can I request specific work timings for my Virtual Assistant?
A. Yes, for as long as it's within our business hours which is 9am - 6pm PST.
Q. Is there a commitment or contract for a minimum period?
A. No. We do not require our customers to sign a contract. Customers may cancel anytime.
Q. Are there any numbers in the US, Canada or UK that FNR Solutions can′t call?
A. We are not able to contact a number outside the US at the moment. However, if a customer wish to have us dial a number outside the US, customer should provide a phone service for us to use.
Q. How do I keep a track on hours charged/worked?
A. Customers do not need to track the hours because everyday they consume 4 - 8 hours depending on the plan they're subcribed on. This means even if they do not use the total number of hours they're subscribed on, hours will still be deducted daily.
Q. Are there any hidden or additional costs in hiring your Virtual Assistants?
A. None. The plan includes everything. No additional fees at all.
Q. How much time will it take for a normal task to be answered?
A. We start doing the task as soon as it's given to us. We normally provide a time frame of how long a task will be accomplished.
Q. How much notice do I have to give in order to stop my membership?
A. At least week before the customer's subscription expires.
Q. How can I make payment? / What is the Mode of payment?
A. Through Xoom.
Cancellation Policy
(307) 800-1012